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“Ground-based Nutrition Organic Fermented Beets”- Our natural beets are aged to accomplish HIGH NITRATE LEVELS to expand nitric oxide generation IN THE BODY.

The entirety of our INGREDIENTS are guaranteed natural for most extreme adequacy. Notwithstanding our top-notch natural beet juice powder, Careflow Mango is included which HAS BEEN clinically demonstrated to improve microcirculation.

Increment Energy and ENDURANCE: The normally happening supplements help vitality and continuance by making it simpler for the body to move and UTILIZE OXYGEN, bringing about progressively proficient vitality generation and an expanded TOLERANCE for work out.

SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: GBN’s Organic Beets are an amazing wellspring of cell reinforcements and nitric-oxide-boosting supplements, which assist increment with blooding stream and oxygen conveyance. Higher nitric oxide levels loosen up the veins which diminish HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and improves cardiovascular wellbeing.

“Ground-based Nutrition Organic Fermented Beets”-ALL NATURAL PERFORMANCE SUPPLEMENT: GBN’s Organic Beets are 100% natural and without GMO with no additional sugars, flavors, fillers, or counterfeit fixings. THIS PRODUCT is the ideal, execution upgrading supplement for anybody devoted to a sound, ACTIVE way of life.



Statistical- Facts

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE- is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, and kidney disease.

Almost 30% -of AMERICAN ADULTS have elevated or stage 1 high blood pressure.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE– was listed as a primary or contributing cause of death for more than 360,000 Americans in 2013.

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