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Desi Kahaniya Gonu Jha ka Dhaki- Gonu Jha Hindi.

Desi Kahaniya Gonu Jha was a well-known man of Mithila. Many stories of his wisdom are famous and famous inside Mithila. One of those stories is the tableau of Gonu Jha today. It was inside Mithila and his brother did not like it and he used to spread false things among the public so that his income would be maligned and In all, people of the Gaur community were also doing the work of ghee in the fire. He always used to give ear to his brother, Gonu Jha lived with his brother every moment and supported him, he used to support him in all his trouble but He used to have no respect for his elder brother when he came and used to take advantage of the same thing, now talking that both of them decided to separate.

Gonu Jha ka Dhaki- Gonu Jha Hindi  Desi Kahaniya

In this way, the two brothers separated and separated, but some people of the village still used to give ear to their younger brother Monu Ji that what your elder brother needs money, he would have got some money from the royal court. That is why you should get the wealth that is inside the house when they listened to the people, they need that why do not we have our right on the wealth of the house, then all these things are done by his elder brother Gonu Jha came to know, he thought that let’s sit the panch and the society and called him to the panch and made him think of the panches. That is why you know your house is to give it to your younger brother, and he had a lot of trouble and he has given a list to teach everyone a lesson. That we should be given a bucket (Dhaki of Dhaan) hand to me, everything else is given to them.

The Panchas agreed to Gonuji and paddy was being poured in his Dakhi, but his Dakhi was not big, people started wondering what happened. Paddy is going where it is. A large trench was already placed under it so that the wears that were being put in it were going to fall down into the ditch, all the paddy went under the food and then people asked them that, What is going on you want, Gonu Jha told them that we have already made it under the Dakhi and the whole was completely ruined but his younger brother could not get any luck, so he has understood this way and Again the two started living together, that’s why this story is a very famous story. How did you guys like this story Desi Kahaniya, you can comment and tell us to thank you? Visit website offer online marketing and more desi kahania