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Many vitiligo sufferers battle with depression and self-image issues, and unfortunately, struggle with these even after their vitiligo is gone. You may have depression if you are suffering from any of the following symptoms:

You tend to actively avoid social situations

You link your self-worth to your body image

You feel constantly sad and unmotivated

You feel hopeless

You tend to be pessimistic about life

You are prone to feeling guilty about things

You do not have an interest in finding pleasure and engaging in hobbies

You are constantly fatigued and feel tired all the time

You have problems concentrating

You feel irritable

Interestingly, even after vitiligo is gone, ex-sufferers often still battle with depression, and it takes a while to re-gain your self-worth especially if it has been eroded by long years of vitiligo. Although prescription medications can help in depression, from my personal clinical experience, hypnotherapy is just as powerful and totally free of side effects.

My friend Thomas Martin, a famous self-confidence hypnotherapist, has kindly recorded a self-hypnosis track that is exactly the one he uses at his practice with vitiligo sufferers battling depression. This track will deliver amazing results in just 17 minutes and you can listen to it everytime you feel sad.

It takes no effort at all from your part (you just have to relax and listen to the track for 17 minutes).

The hypnotic track acts on your subconcious and you’ll immediately experience an incredible trance state of hypnosis that will re-program your mind to free you from negative emotions. Once you have experienced this hypnotic state, you will find that you automatically start making powerful changes internally.

Beat Depression: Self-Hypnosis for Vitiligo Sufferers™:

Requires no effort from your part

Achieves results in just 17 minutes

You’ll immediately feel relaxed and free of negative emotions

Re-discover your natural optimism and motivation in life

Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem

You’ll feel good about yourself

Return to your natural happy state 

If you suffer from depression and anxiety, Beat Depression – Self-Hypnosis for Vitiligo Sufferers™ will tackle these and prevent emotional stress from hindering your vitiligo treatment.