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CrowdSearch.me 500 Credits Monthly Subscription 

  • 1

    Open Google and Enter in Your Main Keyword & Click Search

  • 2

    Go through the pages until you find Your Site Listed & Then Click It

  • 3

    Browse Your Site while also Clicking Through Various Internal Pages

  • 4

    After a few minutes exit Your Website


Hey, Dan Anton Here


2 Years ago I stumbled across a concept I would later call Crowd Search Optimization.

This is how it happened…

Back in 2011 I was creating a training video explaining the % of clicks sites on the 1st Page of Google could expect based on their keyword position.

I then went on to demonstrate internal linking structure.  I knew of a site on page 2 that had a really strong SILO structure that I liked.  I referenced it in my video and told everyone to visit the site and see how they setup their internal pages.

I didn’t think much about it until the next week I wanted to make a follow up video about a point I missed in the first video.  I wanted to reference this same website again…


The Website Was Not on Page 2 anymore. It wasn’t on Page 3 either!

After 1 Week This Guy’s Site Went From #14 to to #2!

At first I was confused and thought that this guy must have been some kind of SEO Ninja Master. So I immediately started analyzing his backlinks, his social signals, and anything else I could think of.

I couldn’t find anything…

I then thought that maybe the rumors were true and that CTR had a bigger role in Search Rank than We Thought.

I tried to recreate the process by hiring a bunch of Virtual Assistants to search for my keyword and go through the pages until they found my website and then click on it.


Here’s why…

  • 1

    I wasn’t getting enough searches for the volume of the Keyword

  • 2

    The Virtual Assistants I hired weren’t staying on the site long enough or clicking internal links so my Bounce Rate Skyrocketed

  • 3

    I wasn’t getting any good traffic from my target markets of the United States, Canada, & The UK


So I went back to the drawing board…

I wrote a program that would be installed on someone’s computer in order to assist them in the process of searching for my website in Google, going through the pages until it found my listing, and then click on it.

It would then force the user to browse my site for a set amount of time while also clicking internal links to look completely natural.

I advertised in craigslist that I needed people to install my software and just follow the prompts.  In exchange I paid them for their time.

Bounce Rate Was Incredibly Lowlowbouncerate

Unique Users Were For My Target Market


Keyword Rank Went from #19 to #3!



That was nearly 2 years ago…

Since then we have improved the software and grown our army to the size of a small city all across the USA, Canada, and the UK.  And we continue to grow!

Not only that but the software now keeps the website and keyword data completely privatefrom the crowd searchers.



Crowd Search Feature Breakdown