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The revolution has happened – I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before…


New Software Builds Mobile Lists For FREE & Sells To Them On Complete Automation!

Saurabh gets 20-40% CTR with his SMS campaigns (10-20x results than email)

“amazed at how powerful this is…”
– Jai Sharma (Top JVZoo Software Vendor)

According To One Of The Most Popular & Most TrustedEntreprenuer Magazine Forbes.com

SMS has 98% Open Rates, 90% People Read It Within 3 Seconds!

Email Marketing When Combined With SMS Marketing Can Get You Upto 10x Results! (Simply Because SMS Gets 5-10x Better Open Rates)

So, Is Email Marketing Dead? No, It’s Not. But Everyone Knows That It’s Dying.

But Instead Of Waiting For It To Die Completely & Take Our Profits With It…

…We Invented A Better Way.


From The Desk Of:
Gaurab Borah & Satish Gaire

A Simple Realization About What Is Happening With The Smartphone Industry Opened Our Eyes To A Brand New Way Of Building Trust & LoyaltyWith Our Customers.

If You’ve Been In Internet Marketing For A While, You Know It’s Getting Much Harder To “Break Through” And Stay Afloat, Let Alone Thrive!

Back in the day, email marketing was nice and simple.

But today, you can’t run a business on email marketing alone. Consumers today have lots of options. Business owners struggle to be first to get the sale.

Marketers are drowning their lists in dozens of email promos. As a result, they’ve seen open rates drop off the cliff!

Does this image remind you of your email campaigns?

If you’re like most online marketers… It sure does.

Competition is constantly trying to steal the attention of your buyers. That’s because 99% of businesses are not “breaking through” correctly, as you will see in a moment…

To capture demand, you need to reach people where they like to be reached. In today’s world, that place happens to be their cell phone.

In 2019 and beyond, the worth of a business will be determined by how much attention it’s able to generate.


This Solution Lets You Do This Better & Faster Than Anyone Else.

And it CRUSHES email marketing on deliverability & open rates, as well as time to response.

This groundbreaking technology is being used by hot startups, large enterprise, and everyone in between like smart mom & pop shops, consultants and coaches, and others.

Entire million-dollar businesses have been built off the back of this newly emerging technology:

Fully Automated SMS Marketing!

You’re About To Re-Discover A Familiar Way Of Generating Sales, Building Trust And Creating Loyal Buyers. In Fact, You’re Probably Holding It In Your Hands Right Now!

SMS (Short Message Service) is more popular today than ever before. .

Over the last 7 years, smartphones have become 1,024 times faster.

This has been a truly remarkable development. Somehow, it happened right under our noses – because marketers are only now starting to adapt to these changes!


Because cycles of innovation as large as smartphones take exactly 7 years to occur. We are now at the cusp of 100% cell phone adoption, which means you are tuning in at the perfect moment.

Now that the “smartphone revolution” has arrived, people are spending more time scrolling through their phones (and less time in front of their computer).

But Don’t Take My Word For It!


The Share Of Americans That Own Smartphones Is Now 77%, Up From Just 35% In 2011.


That’s Roughly 3 Out Of 4.


They Continue To Enjoy Better Returns On Investment In Sms Texting Than Any Other Communications Technologies – For Every Single Use Case.

These Companies Use Sms For Sending Notifications, Marketing Messages, On-boarding, Transactions And Others…


A women’s clothing store in the US called Avenue has reported a 6,600% ROI from their campaign.

Pizza Hut SMS Geofencing Campaign 2.6X More Effective Than Online Advertising.

Ford SMS Marketing Gets 15.4% Conversion. (Their cheapest car is sold at over $10,000)

Is It Any Surprise That Businesses Are Now Rushing To Get In On SMS Marketing?

From the above chart, you can see that 95% of people today own a cellphone. That’s nearly everyone! Even if you don’t have a smartphone, the vast majority of people can (and do) send and receive SMS text messages daily.

And that’s exactly what you need to be doing! Because unlike email, SMS has a ridiculously high open rate & response rate (under 3 minutes). When people get a text message, they check it right away.

Email gets ignored while SMS gets instant attention!

The amount of profits to be made from SMS text messages is ridiculous. And yet no one is doing it yet! But don’t worry, they will be.

BY THE WAY… As smartphones evolved, so did email spam filters. Even if you send emails to your paying customers, they can still be sent to Spam! UGH

Or if you running any other kind of promotions such as pop up ads, medial buying, banner ads they are all blocked by browsers.

This is hurting your business, because it prevents you from reaching many of your customers.

Guess what technology isn’t yet filtered?

That’s right. Text messages!

The Tipping Point In Mobile Marketing Is Here! Finally, Cell Phones Are At Nearly 100% Adoption.

But Why Does This Matter?

Because The Same Thing That Happened To Email In The 90s Is Now Happening With SMS. And If You Snooze… You’ll Lose!

A few years ago, text messages were reserved for your friends & family only. Just like email in the 90s!

But now, it’s a different world out there.

Today, people use text messages for:

  • MEETINGS – people like to set up their Outlook / Gmail calendar to send mobile alerts…
  • APPOINTMENTS – people don’t want to miss the next visit to the salon, doctor, therapist etc…
  • REMINDERS – people appreciate diligent follow-up after they’ve had a conversation…
  • COUPONS & DEALS – people sign up for alerts about discounts & clearance announcements…
  • INVOICES & RECEIPTS – it’s convenient to get a mobile copy of what used to be a piece of paper…
  • RAFFLES & GIVEAWAYS – cell phones make it easy for people to win prizes
  • NOTIFICATIONS ABOUT SPECIAL PROMOTIONS – people love to save money, so they sign up to be first to hear these news…
  • And so much more…